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ACS2000 for Windows

Single entry comparative rating for independent insurance agents.

  • Easy-to-Use Multi-Company Rater
  • Accurate Rates & Timely Revisions
  • Estimate & Order Insurance Scores
  • Integrated Underwriting Reports
  • Company Specific Applications
  • Fast, Courteous Customer Service
  • Michigan-Based Independent Software Vendor
  • Underwriter Tested & Company Approved
  • "By Insurance People, For Insurance People"
  • Bridge to Company & Management Systems
How can your agency benefit from ACS Comparative Rating?

You can easily quote all of your carriers simultaneously, versus re-keying quotes into carrier systems, one at a time, plus deliver accurate quotes to your customers faster, which will increase staff and customer satisfaction, plus save significant amounts of time & money for your agency.

Why choose ACS for your comparative rating needs?

Customers who switched to ACS have told us that the top reasons that their agency switched to ACS are:

Better Accuracy, Better Service, Better Automation, plus more Agency and Carrier Recommendations.

In addition, ACS supports MI independent agents more than any other rating vendor, through its consistent attendance and sponsorship of the MAIA, UPAIIA & YAC conferences and support of the MI Future Foundation.

Better Accuracy & faster delivery of your rate changes

Accurate rates are critical to your success and ours. We take great pride in the accuracy of our rates and the timeliness of our rate changes. ACS rates are tested to match to the penny and we do not tolerate rate differences.

Our specialty is delivering accurate rates and revisions well before the effective date.

Our timely delivery of rate changes and revisions ensures that you are quoting based on the most current information.

In addition, ACS2000 is a rating and underwriting system that only quotes eligible combinations, plus correctly applies discounts and surcharges.

Better Customer Service

We pride ourselves in the quality of our customer service. Prompt, courteous and thorough technical support is available via our toll-free number, Fax or e-mail. ACS has more support staff members to assist you than other vendors to ensure that you are assisted in a timely manner. We encourage you to test-drive our support department.

Better Automation: Insurance Score, Integration & Bridge Services

ACS offers you more automated insurance scoring, more carrier specific forms, plus more single-entry bridges to company and management systems than any vendor in Michigan. The combination of accurate rates with better automation reduces misquotes, increases customer satisfaction, improves efficiency, plus saves time & money for your agency.

Insurance Score Services

You can order actual insurance scores for participating companies without leaving the rating program.

ACS2000 will apply the ordered score to the policy for accurate quoting.

Bridge Services (a.k.a. Integration or Upload)

Quote all of your carriers simultaneously, then easily transfer quote & policy information between ACS2000 and your company or management systems without re-keying data.

Single-entry bridges reduce duplicate entry, reduce data re-entry errors and improve efficiency, which translates into significant time & money savings for your agency.

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